Speech & Language Support for 5-11s
Primary Years

I am told by teachers all over New Zealand that they have children arriving at school with very limited oral language and communication skills. This impacts enormously on their capacity to learn and develop literacy skills. Schools often ask how best to support these children within the classroom setting.

Elklan's Speech and Language Support for 5-11s is exceptional professional development for Primary Teachers, RTLBs, and Teacher Aides.

Although entitled "Speech & Language Support..." the course is specifically for general class Teachers, Resource Teachers and Teacher Aides. It's not only about those children who have particular speech and language needs. Participants will find the course full of useful strategies to support all learners to build oral language, listening, memory, speech, and literacy skills - as part of their normal teaching practices.

The ten sessions are highly practical, with lots of reference to typical classroom activities and the curriculum. There are many video examples, and plenty of hands-on work with real materials. Learners complete portfolio tasks following each session, which really help to translate the strategies into practice.
Feedback from previous participants has generally been "I only wish I had been able to do this course ten years ago/ twenty years ago / back when I started!!"

Be among the first in New Zealand to access this fantastic training which has just arrived from the UK. Over 50,000 teachers across the UK and Europe have enjoyed this career-changing course over the past 14 years.

Topics covered:

There are 10 x 2 hour sessions:

  • What is Communication?
  • Understanding Non-Verbal Communication, listening, attention, and using visual support strategies.
  • Developing memory skills
  • Modifying adults’ speech to help children understand language.
  • Understanding beyond simple sentences.
  • Encouraging expressive oral language.
  • Promoting effective communication and social skills.
  • Supporting children with unclear speech.
  • Links between speech, language, and literacy.
  • Management of stuttering.

What's included?

  • Teaching from a qualified Speech & Language Therapist.
  • Training to support the communication of all children, but especially those with speech and language difficulties in primary school settings.
  • Your own copy of our book Language Builders, which forms the core reading material for the course. It is full of practical advice and ideas.
  • Opportunity to meet other RTLBs and teachers and receive mutual support.
  • Afternoon tea
Elklan Language Builders book

Limited to 18 participants to ensure plenty of discussion time with the tutor.


 Download the Elklan course flyer here.

What learners say about Elklan courses delivered by Emma:

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Kerri F. Resource Teacher, Gate Pa School

This course has been so valuable I am currently promoting it to the 24 other schools in which I work. It has been absolutely the best Oral Language Professional Development I have taken part in. I will continue to reflect back on aspects of what I have learnt to ensure the students,teachers and parents I work with are being offered high quality oral language strategies and assistance.

Trudi P. RT:Literacy - Bay of Plenty

I would highly recommend this course to anyone involved in supporting students learning. It will improve their understanding of the communication chain and help them to identify where extra support may be needed as well as strategies that will provide high quality teaching/learning opportunities for their students. Emma has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area and willingly shared loads of great ideas and resources above and beyond what was required within the course outline.

Jane C. Assistant Principal, Rukuhia School

I believe the course and tasks challenged me to think carefully about and use what I had learnt in a practical way and I could see the immediate benefits for my students. Many of us already used aspects of the course but maybe not consistently. Our results with just one aspect of the course - which was encouraging children to 'look and attend' have been outstanding. We are looking forward to seeing the continued progress of our students. I believe this course has put what I already knew about communicating into a solid framework so that we could quickly identify where the gaps are for specific students who were not accelerating at the rate that we wanted with reading and writing. I have been teaching for a considerable number of years and have attended many courses about oral language but I would state that this has been outstanding course because of the framework and the in-depth study of each area of communication. If teachers are going to enroll in this course then please take on the Level 3 requirements as this will only enhance your teaching and learning.

Vinny R. RTLB, Cluster 16 Waikato
Emma is a dedicated and practical SLT. She has supported students in kura kaupapa and her assessments of students is exceptional. It's why I came to her course... knowing her professionalism. This course has given me skills to successfully develop appropriate strategies to support students in kura and wharekura.
Wendy D. RTLB, Cluster 16 Waikato

Emma Nahna is a highly skilled tutor who made participation in this course informative, interesting and fun to be part of. I think every teacher would benefit from participation in this course in order to help their students flourish. Thank you Emma 🙂


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