Elklan Speech & Language Support for 5-11 yrs
Full Course

Rukuhia - 5 afternoons

Full 20hr Speech & Language Support course.

This course is specifically for Primary Teachers, RTLBs, RT:Lit, and Teacher Aides. It provides practical strategies to develop the oral language, communication skills & learning of all children, particularly those with speech, language and communication needs. The course is full of practical ideas which are directly related to the classroom and curriculum. Learners complete a portfolio in addition to the workshop sessions, where they try out concepts and strategies, and evaluate the impact on students.

Term 3 2019

Teachers, Teacher Aides, SENCO, Leaders, RT:Lit, RTLBs - All primary school age levels.

12:30pm - 5:00pm

  • Tues 23 July (Week 1)
  • Tues 6 Aug (Week 3)
  • Tues 20 Aug (Week 5)
  • Tues 3 Sept (Week 7)
  • Tues 17 Sept (Week 9)

Rukuhia School, 58 Rukuhia Rd, Ohaupo 

$650 +GST ($747.50)

Bookings closed - course in progress 

Coming soon...

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Phonological Awareness

Everything teachers need to know about this magic ingredient for growing great readers and writers. I'm busy putting this workshop together at the moment, and it's nearly ready to go. I can't wait to share it with you!

At the end of this inspiring day of learning you will:

  • Understand what research into literacy acquisition tells us: exactly how phonological awareness (PA) enables children to learn to decode and encode words, and build a sight word vocabulary.
  • Appreciate that ensuring strong PA skills prevents many reading difficulties from ever occurring.  
  • Be familiar with a developmental progression to take students through - differentiate instruction to give each child the next skill they need, in the right order.
  • Have a simple assessment tool to determine exactly which PA skills your students already have, and what they need to learn.
  • Know exactly how to teach component PA skills, and how to scaffold children to apply them to reading and writing.
  • Have the resources you need to go away and teach PA skills tomorrow with your own students.

There are more topics in the works, too - phonics, vocabulary, early years literacy development... check back soon!

Would you like your school to host this one day workshop? 

Would you like to be notified when this workshop is available?

Please get in touch! Email me at emma@talktree.co.nz